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Jeffrey Vernon // songwriter, singer, guitarist, drummer and producer/engineer.

Check out my debut album "Witching Hour" Here "Witching Hour" features Recording Engineer/Session violinist Annie Leeth, Orange Constant drummer Sam Groveman, and lead guitarist of AFTM Kelly Bouchillon on bass guitar and lapsteel.

Video By Fadimata Maiga at the Georgia Theatre.

The album was recorded by Annie Leeth at Chase Park Transduction and Studio 1093 Boulevard.


I record live concerts, do home recordings and full studio sessions.

AFTM (Engineer/Mix/Master)

The Little Strong (asst. Engineer)

Property of Bolton (Engineer, mix, master)


Live Sound

I do live sound production at a few venues in Athens, GA including for the Classic City Music Festival in 2018. I do sound for parties and house shows, big or small. I would love to help you with your next event!

Sound Board


Upon moving to Athens I have formed and joined a few bands:

“Over Yonder” [disbanded] (guitar, vox)

“The Sweet Heart Beets” [disbanded] (guitar, vox)

“Funkasaurus Wrex” (bass, drums, lead guitar)

“Gerkey” (drums)

“Raksha Sea” [disbanded] (drums)

“Property of Bolton” (guitar, vox)

I just recently recorded my debut album Witching Hour. Check it out Here .



Here’s my phone number and email. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to help you achieve any creative endeavor.

Phone: 727.463.0145